October 21, 2008
Well Fall is finally here and looks like we might even skip over it with these cool temperatures. Now is a good time to pull out all of the craft projects that were put aside during the warmer months and start tackling the projects again. I know I will be spending more time inside where it is warm, which is great because it means more time for crafting!

October 19, 2008 
Spent the morning at the Creativ Festival and got some great new ideas. It definitely put me in a creative mood. There were some beautiful things! Picked up a number of magazines which I will be reading through over the next couple of days to scan for more ideas. 

October 18, 2008 
Today I had a crafty day. I started my day attending a sewing class and then this afternoon was my first demo and we had fun making some birthday theme cards. It is a beautiful fall day, the kind of days that make you enjoy the fall with the smell of leaves in the air! 

October 16, 2008 
My starter kit arrived today so have been having fun creating some new cards, my husband even joined in the fun for a bit!

October 15, 2008 
Went for a nice evening stroll with my Brownie Group tonight to spot various forms of art in the community and play some neighbourhood bingo. It started to softly rain during the last half of the walk, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We sang some songs and had a few laughs. 

October 13, 2008 
What a fantastic Thanksgiving week-end. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the tree colours were beautiful. We spent the week-end celebrating with family up in Kincardine. We definitely took advantage of the nice weather and spent as much time as possible outside in my parents yard. It was great to catch up with the family and we ate lots of great food.

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