We’re Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo….

Yesterday was a great day at the zoo.  The weather was cool when the wind was blowing, but when the sun came out it was pretty strong so it would warm up nice.
We bought an annual membership so Paige and I can go as much as we want.  (Note:  If you are thinking of getting a membership, all of the rates are going up as of May 1, so you may want to get it before then) We met up with our hiking group for an easy walk through the zoo with the strollers.  We stopped to see a few of the animals as we walked our circuit.  All of the animals were out playing yesterday.  I guess they prefer the slightly cool weather and less people staring at them!

Our walk with the group consisted of all of the outdoor loops except for Canada (since that one has a very big hill) we are saving that for next time. While walking we ran into one of the other Mom’s, and their little one, that we have been doing some of our activities through meetup with so had a quick chance to catch up before rejoining our group.   Paige had a nap for the last part of the walk which meant she would be awake and alert when we went to visit the animals.

After the walk, all of the other mom’s and babes were heading home, but Paige and I decided to make a day of it. So we headed off to see the Polar Bear Cub, since it had been on the news and we were hearing how cute he was.  Paige was quite taken with watching him (or maybe she was having more fun playing with the glass on the enclosure, since I had to take her out of her stroller to get down some stairs so we could see the cub).  

While at the enclosure we heard all sorts of people snapping pictures outside so we thought we better check it out.  It was 2 of the adult polar bears having a great time playing in the water.  We thought we might as well get a shot of them as well.
Paige enjoyed watching some of the monkeys that were playing and putting on a show, as well as the fish.  She didn’t quite get the point of the Orangutans who were just lying on the ground.  She kept looking at me as if to say, “Ok mom, not sure why we are sitting here, but can we get going to see something more exciting”.  
When it was time to go Paige got rather upset once we got into the parking lot, I guess she liked the zoo, but I figured we should save some for another day!
What is your favourite animal at the zoo?
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