Great week-end

It was a little cool this week-end, but we made sure to get out and enjoy the fresh air each day.

Friday was our stroller walk at Colonel Danforth Park.  The temperatures had definitely dropped by the time we arrived at the parking lot to meet the other moms, but we didn’t let that stop us.  It’s always a great group of ladies to chat with.  This week there were a few women asking me about cloth diapering-tips, tricks, brands I like, etc.  We chatted about that most of the way down and on the way back there was some discussion about sign language (I took Paige to sign language classes when she was 3.5 months old) and feeding solids to our little ones.  The discussion about cloth diapers got me thinking that maybe I should write some posts on the things I have learned since starting to cloth diaper and to review some of my favourite companies, so stay tuned for that.

Paige was a little fussy since she decided she wanted to be carried rather than sit in the stroller so here are a couple of the ladies helping me get her on my back.  Paige had not slept so well the night before again.  We have discovered the cause of it and it we don’t think it was teething as we originally suspected, but rather carrots.  So I guess we will be avoiding carrots for a while and will try it again come the summer.
tSaturday we headed to Raglan to Purple Woods conservation area for the Maple Syrup festival.  There is a nice, short little trail down to the sugar shack where they were demonstrating how they heat the sap to make the syrup.  Along the trail they had made teepees out of fir trees and were showing the traditional way of making maple syrup over the fire.  We didn’t get out on the wagon ride since we were a little late for that.  Paige was having a great time in the backup with all of the new things to see and people to watch.

Sunday was cool and rainy all day so we had planned to just hang out at home after doing groceries, but Paige would not nap at all, so at 3:00 we decided to gear up and head up to Uxbridge to hike the Countryside Preserve trail.  This is a nice gentle trail that runs through forest, open meadows, and back into forest.  We will definitely be returning here in the spring, since one of the signs said that the bluebird makes it home in the meadows.  We think it may be a little too warm in the heat of the summer since a large part of the trail is out in the open.  It was a nice hike and the rain was very soft so it was comfortable for us to be out.  Paige dozed off about 20 minutes into the hike and stayed sleeping until we returned to the car.  We were surprised to cross paths with a few people out enjoying the day.
Paige has a thing where she has decided she does not like to have her arms covered by the carrier cover, so we just have to keep tucking her hands in when it is cool since she will not wear mittens either.  Any tips for keeping little ones hands warm when out on the cooler days?
Hope you all enjoyed your week-end.  What did you get up to?  
Paige and I are off to lead a hike today with a group of moms, it should be fun.

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3 thoughts on “Great week-end

  1. Once you get more established, you can contact cloth diaper companies and ask them if they'll sponser your review and donate a giveaway!

    I've had luck with Mother-Ease and Bummis 🙂


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