Nice finish to a great week

It was a busy active week in this house.  Wednesday was a great walk at the zoo, it was at a good pace and we tackled the hill that goes down to the Canadian section.  We walked all areas of the zoo and did the hill with a break before the hill and managed to complete it in just over 1.5 hours.  There is always great conversation with these ladies.  Paige napped the whole time, so I didn’t stick around after to see the animals with Paige since she was still sleeping.

Keeping a steady pace up the hill
Paige was having a great time this week in evenings playing in her swing with daddy in the back yard.  It is her favourite thing to do.
Paige is reaching that age where she enjoys playing on her own for large period of times.  She will roll around on the ground, crawl a little bit and just hang out on the living room carpet.  It is great so I can get a few things done around the house while she entertains herself.
Yesterday was another great hike with another mom, hiking the Countryside Preserve trail in Uxbridge.  We managed to get a little lost and ended up hiking a loop in Durham Forest as well.  It was a good hike with great conversation.  Maybe that was our problem – too much conversation and too little paying attention to where we are going!  We were out for just over 2 hours.  The little ones did great and didn’t really fuss at all.  Paige took a nap at one point in her pack. 
We then stopped in at Vince’s Market for some groceries where Paige put on a show for everyone in the store, chatting and singing away in the cart.  
My brother and his wife came over for the night with their little one Callum for a visit and to spend the night.  The littles ones played for a little bit, we skyped with my parents and then it was time for bed for them.  Once they went to bed we made some pizzas and sat around and had a visit before we all headed to bed.
Paige so happy to see her cousin Callum
Today looks like a good day for a hike-sun is shining and it is supposed to go up to 11oC today.  I think we will all head out for a hike together once everyone is up and that way my brother Fraser and his wife Meghan can try Callum out in the new pack they got yesterday.
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