Teething & A Cold

It has been one of those weeks.  You know the weeks where you are kind of lazy, don’t really accomplish anything, but wonder where the time went.

Last Friday we were supposed to head out for a walk with our usual Friday group, but Paige had other ideas.  Her two bottom teeth decided to make an appearance that morning and so once they were through I had my hands full with a real little fuss bucket.  I am sure the cold was not helping matters.  So Paige and I spent the day snuggling on the couch while I sang the same song (Rose Rose – a campfire
song I learned in Brownies) over and over for hours and rocked her.  It was about 1:00 am before she settled down enough to sleep.

The week-end was spent waiting for the rain to arrive that they kept calling for and we need, but alas it never came.  So we headed out for a shorter hike at Heber Down Conservation Area where Paige decided she needed to be in the carrier rather than the stroller which was fine with me.  She had a nice nap while we walked around and Tessa (our Golden Retriever) had a chance to play in the pond with some kids.

The earlier part of the week was quiet with daily stroller walks up the road and still no signs of rain.  We really need to get some rain since things are already so dry.  I am concerned what this means for the summer and our well.

Yesterday was a big day for Paige.  She woke up with a new skill (clapping her hands together) and couldn’t wait to show me.  Then at lunch she got to use a fork to eat her frozen mango with and she was quite proud of herself with that.

Since Paige and I were starting to feel somewhat better we headed off to the zoo for the afternoon to watch the animals.  Paige was really enjoying her time at the zoo and interacting with some of the animals.  She loved the Great Barrier Reef pavilion and watching all of the fish (I am sure we could have spent an hour there).  She also had fun watching the turtles and the gorillas.

Watching the animals
After the zoo it was a quick stop into the office to talk to somebody quickly which ended up being a longer visit since everyone wanted to have a quick chat and snuggle with Paige.  Paige was quite happy to be the centre of attention.
Today we had a great day outside.  We walked to the end of the road and back checking out some of the plants that are coming up and a visit with some of the neighbours, a nap out in the yard and then lunch on the porch before a bit of play time in the swing before heading in for an afternoon nap.  
Once Paige was up from her afternoon nap she was raring to go and scooting on her bum all over the place. The stairs from our dining room to our family room caught her eye and she was over there in a flash, but not for the reasons you might think.  She wanted to get over to them to bang on them and feel the hardwood with her toes.  Paige also discovered that they make a great seat.
Well if we don’t get the rain they are calling for tomorrow we will most likely head out for a hike on one of the local trails since the stroller group is not walking tomorrow.  Hoping the rain arrives tomorrow, but it would be nice if it held out until after we got a hike in.
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