On the Move

It has been go, go, go around here this past week.  Paige is scooting everywhere on her bum now and getting into everything (including the dogs food bowl!).  One of her favourite things to do now is scoot along and rub her toys on the hardwood floor to see what kind of noise they make.  She also likes to scrub the floor (not sure if that is a reflection on my cleaning or not!).  We did discover one fun game with the island in the kitchen.  She loves to anticipate which side you might pop around on and can spend hours giggling while we play peek-a-boo around that.  Paige also attempted our small set of stairs between our dining room and family room by sliding down on her bum.  There is so much for her to explore both inside and outside.

She is really testing herself now when standing.  She will push our hands away and will also lean back from things she is using to prop herself to see how her balance works.  Hoping that this does not mean she will be walking soon!  She is not a big fan of crawling, so we suspect she may try to skip that stage.

Paige got to go swimming twice this week.  Once for her class and once with a playmate.  At class this week we tried them on the bottom of the water slide.  Swimming with a playmate Paige had a great time, we were in the pool for nearly an hour.  She was having a great time floating around in a PFD and just relaxing in the pool.

Paige got a third bottom tooth this week and continues to be teething (showing some discomfort and a bit of a rash) so I am sure more teeth could be making an appearance soon.

We went in to visit at the office this week since they wanted some help with their dragon boat paddling technique for the team this year.  Unfortunately I won’t be joining the team this year since they practice at Paige’s bed time.

Paige was having a great time at Baby Beat this week.  They got to try some different instruments.  One of the instruments the little ones really enjoyed having in their mouth is sandpaper on blocks that you rub together.  Instead they were all rubbing them on their teeth and sucking on them.

We had a hike at Glen Major with a friend and her little one.  It was an overcast morning so great for on the trails and then the sun came out as we neared the end of the hike.  We had them back for lunch so the little ones could play and we could continue our visit.

We got lots of work done in the yard over the week-end, lots of dandelions removed, lawn cut, some weeding, herbs planted and two nectarine trees planted.  Our fruit count is now at 2 nectarine trees, 2 apple trees, 5 blueberry bushes, lots of strawberries, 4 rhubarb plants and 2 raspberry canes that have started sprouting elsewhere as well.  We also noticed that our blackberry patch seems to finally be coming back after being whipper snipped by the neighbour a while back.

Replaced the planters with 2 Semi-Dwarf Harko Nectarines

Yesterday was such a nice day that a short hike at the dog park turned into a longer hike at Greenwood Conservation Area.  We hiked to the end of the trail and back before getting to work in the yard.  It was a nice hike that followed along the water most of the way.  Paige took a bit of a nap on the way back and woke just as we got back to the car.  We saw some kids swimming in the river.  It was a warm day, but not sure I am ready to brave those cold waters just yet!

Today Paige and I are off for a “serious” hike on the Seaton trail with a friend.  She warns me there are lots of stairs to climb at the beginning so it will give us a good workout.  I may be needing a nap with Paige this afternoon!
How did you spend your week-end with this lovely weather we have been having?

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2 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. Thank you for sharing about you and your family. My daughter also took swimming lessons and loved it. I love how you go outside with your daughter and do things with her. I live in a BIG city.. so it is harder to do things like that.. But hopefully I can find some areas to go walking.. God bless you.. Judith


  2. Even walking along the sidewalks with your little one I am sure she would enjoy. There would be lots for her to see. I think my daughter enjoys when we are in the city since there are so many new things to see and watch.


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