8 Months

Paige turned 8 months the end of last week so I am a little late at getting this up, but better late than never right?

Paige has slimmed down some but getting taller by the day (she won’t sit still long enough to be measured!).  She is definitely over 20lbs now as well.

Favourite things to do:
Singing, dancing and using her shaker to music
Going for hikes in the pack
Playing out on the back deck or wiggling around in the grass
Stories with Daddy
Skyping with family
Swinging on her swing
Finger painting

Scooting and hopping on her bum all over the place
Signing more, thank you, milk (some of these only sometimes)
Making choices for food and clothing from 2 options
Recognizing faces

Favourite Foods:
Frozen wild bluberries
Frozen mango
Yogurt Chips (see one of my previous posts for directions)
Spaghetti noodles (she has fun slurping them and pulling them back out)
Will eat anything put in front of her, but these are the favourites

Paige now has 4 teeth on the bottom.  The 4th one came through yesterday without too much of a fuss only a little fussing early evening (maybe a combination of being tired and trying to stay awake as well as pain).

This morning we are off to swimming and then with this nice weather probably spend the afternoon out on the porch.

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