Outdoor Tuesday – Vaude Carrier Review

Vaude is a European company that produces environmentally friendly products and are the first outdoor company to receive EMAS certification.

We have the Farfalla Comfort  baby carrier by Vaude.  This is their top end carrier.  We originally chose this one based on cost and the sales persons recommendation.  We purchased it when our daughter was 6 weeks old so we were not able to try her out in it at the time of purchase.

Paige loves being in this pack and will sing and bounce as we hike along.

– Easily adjustable and many areas of adjustment are available on this carrier to get the best fit.  We love the ease of adjusting so that if my husband and I trade off the pack during a hike Paige doesn’t really have to wait long before we are on the move again.
– It can fit many heights of both the little one and the adult carrying them
– Large pack for storing all of those items you may want to take with you on a hike.
– 2 good sized outer pockets on either side of the carrier that will take a larger water bottle.
– Front pillow for our little one to be able to rest her head on to go to sleep.
– Rear head support for our little one if she chooses to sleep upright rather than leaning forward.
– Footrests for once Paige is a little taller to help prevent her feet from falling asleep
– Comfortable fit and weight distribution for long hikes
– Change pad is included in the pack

Cons: (Many of these are not really cons, but rather observations, since there are pros to some of these notes as well)
– The sun canopy could be extended a little further to shade the face a little more when out hiking on sunny days.  This may be better once Paige is taller and closer to the top of the canopy.  Not a huge issue since she usually has a bucket hat, sunglasses and some sunblock on.
– Waist belt pocket is only large enough to hold 1 key, would be nice if it were a little bigger to hold a small camera (many carriers have the slightly larger pouch on the waist).
– No rear view mirror (did not know that carriers even had these until we were out hiking yesterday and a couple moms had these) which would be handy to check on your little one if they are fussing.
– The carrier supports around the little one are padded and very supportive which I love for Paige’s comfort, however in the summer this may become rather warm.  Some carrier have made some of these mesh instead, although you do lose some of the support.

Overall, we love this carrier, it is comfortable to use and I am able to hike for long distances with Paige on my back.  I have done a number of faster paced 10-10+km hikes with her on my back without any issues.  I think this is a great pack that will last us many years since it will grow with Paige.  It still looks like new and this pack gets tons of use (minimum 3-4 times per week).

Return portion of a 10+km hike on the Seaton trail

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