A 4th Tooth

It was another busy week with Miss Paige around here.

We started off last week with a good 10+ km hike on the Seaton trail with another hiking mom and daughter.  We started at the south end (Forestream) so that we would hit all of the stairs and the bigger climbs at the beginning of the hike rather than the end.  Also this way we could have a nice break in Whitevale since they have a nice little park and port-a-potty there.  It was a cool and overcast day which made for great hiking since we didn’t overheat.

Enjoying a break and snack before heading back

Tuesday was swimming lessons and since the usual instructor was away it was a bit disorganized.  Paige had a nap in the life jacket while floating about.  That afternoon I took Paige in the stroller and went for a 3km jog (just starting back so didn’t want to overdo it).
Wednesday was a good hike (7km) hiking in the Rouge Valley with 2 other moms.  This is a nice hilly trail so gave us a good workout.  We were moving at a good pace too.  
That evening we had dinner with one of my mom friends so that our husbands could meet.  Paige and their little one get along so well.  Paige loved their Jolly Jumper and the height she could get jumping in it.
Thursday saw us taking it easy around the house and yard with Baby Beats in the afternoon.  Paige was having a great time chasing the older kids and trying out the different musical instruments.  I think storytime was her favourite because as soon as the book came out she was scooting right up to the front with squeals of delight.
Friday was our usual stroller walk on the Colonel Danforth Trail.  This is a 7km walk that is fairly flat on a paved path that winds through the woods and along the waterfront.  After this walk we had to get home to pack to head to my parents for the week-end to visit and celebrate Mother’s Day.  
I had woken up that morning to my Mother’s Day gift which was a Nike+ Sportwatch GPS, so of course we had to try it out on the walk.  My only thing is remembering to either pause it when we would stop or restart it after.  It is pretty neat to be able to see our path afterwards and also to find out what the actual distance is that we are doing.
Saturday in Kincardine was cool and sunny in the morning and slightly overcast for the afternoon. In the morning, Paige, my sister-in-law Meghan and I took the dogs and went for a walk along the waterfront.  Paige had a nap in the carrier while we walked.  
Once the guys got home from golfing we then headed up to The Hawgs Breath for some Nachos (Dave says they are the best nachos) before heading to my grandparents for a quick visit.  I walked over with Paige in the carrier while the other’s drove.  We had a short visit with my grandparents (so we didn’t tire them too much) before walking back to my parents.
That evening we sat outside in the backyard around my parents outdoor fireplace.  It was such a nice night.
Sunday after breakfast we headed back home.  When we arrived home, it was as though all of the plants exploded.  All of the leaves were fully out and lots of flowers had come out over the week-end, not to mention the grass had grown a great deal.  We got the lawn cut a little yard work done before friends came over for a barbecue so the guys could head out to see The Avengers.
Monday we went for a 10 km fast paced hilly hike with some other hiker moms and a hiker dad in the Rouge Valley.  It was a great hike and good workout.  These hikes are great since we always have a good time chatting and so the time flies by.  I look forward to these every week and the little ones just love them.
Tuesday we were at swimming once again and the afternoon playing in the yard with a shorter stroller walk up the road.
Today we are off for a shorter hike at Heber Down Conservation Area with another hiker mom, possibly a couple more, I think it may depend on the weather as to how many moms join us.

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6 thoughts on “A 4th Tooth

  1. Just reading your post tired me out 🙂 And made me feel very laze 😦 You do get a lot of walking in. Every week I say I'm going to start, but when I get home from work, I am too tired (I know that is a sorry excuse.)

    Paige is a beautiful little girl.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!


  2. goodness! You really are a busy one! I agree with Laura, I feel worn out and lazy after reading what all you've been up to. I've been meaning to get more walking in, but been too busy trying to get our garden and weeding caught up, and then it started raining. As soon as I get all the plant into the ground, and we have no rain, I can get back to walking with my little ones!


  3. Wow, you are a busy mama, that is awesome to keep busy!! I know that I am busy but not with so much walking, I feel like I need to do more, after reading your post 🙂 Have a great weekend.


  4. I used to take the kids hiking all the time. Then they started to talk. I stopped when I got tired of hearing them whine the whole time. But now maybe it is time to start again. I will turn the music up on my ipod so I can't hear them complain. LOL


  5. Thank you. I don't know that I will have the energy for all of this walking once I go back to work. Paige loves to be outdoors and out on our hikes. She seems to really enjoy looking at the trees so that is a great motivation for me to get out.


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