A Slower Week

This past week has been a little quieter (maybe recovering from a busy long week-end?).  Paige has figured out how to get herself into a sitting position and has started to pull herself up on things.  The down side of sitting up is that she has been doing it in her sleep (I have watched her do it) and unfortunately this wakes her up during the night, so hoping this will pass so we can get back to her sleeping through the night with disturbances.

Paige is definitely loving the warm weather we are having since it means she can go naked out in the yard and only have to wear a diaper inside!


Our Wednesday hike last week had to be cancelled in the end due to rain, so instead Paige and I headed out to run some errands and to pick up a birthday present for Dave.  We ended up getting one of his birthday gifts at Sail before heading to pick out hardware for the kitchen cabinets.  I wanted something simple in an oil rubbed bronzed.  We lucked out and found something in stock and so was able to pick them up that day.

That evening we met up with friends for drinks and dessert at a local pub to celebrate Dave’s birthday.

Thursday was a busy day around here.  We did a 6km hike at Greenwood Conservation Area on the dog park side with some other mom’s and babes.  It was a great day to be out since it was not yet too hot and the dogs had a great time chasing each other along the trails.  We hiked on the dog park side to the end of the trail and back.  This is a fairly flat trail with 1 steep hill that follows along a small river.  One thing to be aware of if you are hiking on these trails is that there is a great deal of poison ivy now coming up, especially near the first part of the trail.

That afternoon was our Baby Beats class which Paige just loves and we got a new musical instrument.  I chose the castanet for Paige and let her pick the colour.  Paige was all for yellow that day.  She is starting to figure them out and has lots of fun playing with them along with her shaker that she got at the first class.

Friday was our stroller walk along the lake.  We had gorgeous weather – warm with a nice breeze from the lake and great company as always.  I got some new bread recipe ideas on the walk that I will have to try once it cools down enough for me to run my oven.

After our walk I headed to Vandermeer Nursery with a friend who wanted some help picking out some hanging baskets for her place.  I ended up picking up weed killer and grass seed (not so exciting!).
Saturday saw us head to Arnts once Paige was up to get mulch, top dressing and triple mix.  It was crazy busy.  We ended up only picking up 1 yard of mulch in the back of the truck and figured we would pick up our other load another day when it was a little quieter.  It was a hot day so we wanted to get the mulch down before it was too hot to be working in the yard.  Paige hung out in the dining tent we had set up in the yard while we spread mulch.  She was having a great time playing on her quilt and rolling around in the grass.  Then headed inside to cool down a bit and play with Tessa (our golden retriever).
Saturday evening we headed over to friends for a barbecue.  It was a nice evening and we met lots of new people.  It was nice to get out with friends and enjoy the nice evening while the little ones could play together on the lawn.
Sunday morning was pretty quiet around here as we put-zed about in the yard until late afternoon when we had friends over for a barbecue.  The little ones were having fun playing out in the tent and then when we moved them inside they had great fun on the hardwood floor and looking out the windows.  It was such a nice evening that we had a campfire (before things dried up too much) and had a great visit.
Monday was another hot day here.  We had waffles out on the deck and a little play time outside before Paige headed down for her nap.  Once she woke up we headed down to the nursery to pick up a couple plants for the gardens before coming home to cool down in the pool that her playmate Charlie had left for her to use for the day.  Paige is such a water baby that she was in and out of the pool all afternoon.
Tuesday, Dave was back to work, so Paige and I had a fairly quiet day after swimming lessons.  This week we worked on the little ones being in life jackets and falling off the side of the deck onto their face and then going through the movements of rolling over.  Paige was not fazed at all by this and as always had a great time at swimming.
Wednesday we were supposed to meet up with a couple moms for a good long hike in the Rouge Valley, but my back was not cooperating so we had to take the day off.  It worked out well since Paige decided to sleep in until 11:30am.  We ended up using Wednesday as our errand day and went out to pick up photos to mail to all of Paige’s great grandparents, as well as paint for the kitchen and netting to go over our strawberries and blueberries to keep the animals out.  Paige and I spent the afternoon playing in the yard and gardening (I was splitting some plants and shifting some others).
Thursday we met up with some moms for an early lunch to celebrate a friends birthday.  It was a nice get together and I met some new moms.  They all headed to the movies while Paige and I headed home since we had Baby Beats that afternoon.  This week we sang transportation songs.  That afternoon Paige started pulling herself up on everything.
Yesterday we attended the GTA Baby wearing walk which was part of Baby Wearing Week here in Canada.  It was along the boardwalk in The Beach.  It wasn’t much of a walk but rather an opportunity to get together with some like minded mamas and have a visit.  Paige had a great time playing in the sand for the first time and I dipped her toes in the water for her to feel it.  After playing on the beach we then headed for frozen yogurt and to check out a used baby store.  
Yesterday evening we went over to friends for a barbecue and our little ones had a blast playing on the grass and just hanging out.
Today the pool is being filled, can’t wait for the water to warm up which will take a bit so that we can get Paige in the pool and have somewhere to cool down on these hot days.  I also have to head down to see if they can fix the paint colour I picked up earlier this week as I accidentally told them I wanted the lighter colour on the paint chip rather than the darker one.  Keeping my fingers crossed they can fix it for us since the lighter colour is a little more peachy than I would like.  We were aiming for a tan colour.  Since it seems to be staying a little cooler we may go and pick up the other yard of mulch to get down and maybe start painting the cabinets.  Now that I have written that all down it seems like quite a bit to get done today, so maybe the painting will wait for another day.
Did you get out and enjoy this nice warm weather?  How do you beat the heat?

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