Our past week

I am sitting here enjoying the peace and quiet of the early morning and listening to the birds while I enjoy my cup of coffee, while my diapers soak.  It rained last night so things have really greened up and it is much quieter than many other mornings when the construction starts about 4:30 am.

Our hike last Monday was good.  There were 3 of us mamas with our little ones on our backs.  The little ones were having a great time chatting up a storm as we headed out on the trails and they all napped on the way back.  It was a muggy day but we still covered 7.5 km.  In the woods the heat wasn’t so bad, it was when we would come to a clearing you could feel the heat and humidity hit you like a wall.

Paige had a blast at music that afternoon as well.  There were more little ones this week for Paige to interact with.  She was really intrigued with the felt board and actually tried to climb it to reach some of the pieces.  She has definitely become much more comfortable in the music class setting.

Tuesday we headed to the Naturopath to see if we could find a solution for my seasonal allergies.  They have been really bad this year so hopefully we can find something that will help that I can take while still nursing.  Right now I am trying one thing and I have a follow up this week.  It has been a few years since I last saw a Naturopath, but had a great experience with the one I saw out in Victoria, BC.

Wednesday we hung out in the yard, and swam in the pool.  It had definitely warmed up and Paige was having a great time in the pool.  She is not big on being in a life jacket and prefers to be free to kick about and swim.

Thursday was our last Baby Beats class from the previous session so Paige got her certificate and had a great time playing with the other little ones.  She is no longer shy at all and was determined to keep scooting up to the teacher and trying to climb inter her lap.  She also had a great time with the felt board again.  Also this week she tried out the drum and thought that was pretty neat, although she did seem to enjoy chewing on the end of the drum stick more!

Friday we didn’t make it out to our stroller walk since we had to have someone in to look at our reverse osmosis system.  Instead we spent the day in the yard, in the pool and went for a walk up the road.  Paige was a busy girl and kept me hopping.  She was also really into making big messes.  So Friday night was a later night cleaning.

Saturday was a lovely day and since Dave was working I had a friend over with her little one.  She was also babysitting another little one and brought along one of her friends and little ones.  We had a nice lunch and then hung out in the pool with all of the babies.  During our swim my lovely dog decided to go wandering in the ravine and was so kind to bring me back an animal part.  Not sure where it came from, but kind of gross so she had to be tied up outside until Dave came home and could bathe her.

That evening we went out for a nice dinner and then took Paige and Tessa for a walk up the road as a family.  It has been a while since we have just gone for a family walk on our road so it was nice.  Another home was torn down recently on our road to make way for Hwy 407 and they are preparing to take another one down.  So there were lots of changes for us to see on our walk.

Yesterday was a nice quiet family day.  We went out for breakfast in the morning then came home and hung out at home.  We went for a swim in the pool after lunch and then afterwards hung out on the deck until Paige was ready for her afternoon nap.  We started sorting our gear for our upcoming camping trip and made our lists of last minute items to pick up and things to do.  I can’t wait to take Paige camping and see how she reacts to sleeping in a tent and enjoying the outdoors 24/7.  After our camping she will also finally get to meet my husband’s family who she hasn’t yet met.  It should be a nice trip and will be nice to spend some family time together in the outdoors.

Today my parents are coming up for the afternoon and night and to go with Paige to her music class.  I know Paige is excited to see them since she was up in the middle of the night and was wound right up. I had to explain to her that it was not time to get up yet and she would have to wait until after lunch to see her Nanna & Pops.  She is still sleeping this morning, so maybe she understood?!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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