10 Months

Our little girl is now 10 months old and has changed so much since that first day we met her.  She is still the happy little soul she has always been (at least for the most part) and generally has a smile on her face.  She is such a busy little girl, she never stops moving.  She is most definitely a strong willed child and is making sure we know it regularly.  Her hair is getting much blonder as time passes and she still has beautiful blue eyes.  We recently went on a road trip/ tent camping trip with her and she loved the tent (you can read more about that trip in some of my other posts).

Favourite things to do:
Singing songs and using her musical instruments
Reading stories
Swimming/ bath time
Going for hikes
Playing outside
Chasing bubbles
Skyping with family
Snuggles when sleepy
Playing with friends
Chatting up a storm
Talking to her toys
Chasing Tessa (our golden retriever) around the house
Climbing stairs and on everything
Checking out some of the flowers in our gardens

Climbing stairs
Holding on with 1 hand when standing, bending to pick something up, bouncing
Saying Bye Bye
Stacks her toys in the corner of her room when she is done with them
Giving kisses to her dolls
Favourite Foods:
Plain Yogurt
Yogurt Drops
Shredded Cheese
Apple chunks or grated
Grated Pear
Banana as long as she can eat it from the peel
Wants to eat everything we are eating now and would pass up her food for ours if she can get her hands on it.

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7 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. How cute is that picture! Congratulations! Ours just turned 20 months, and yesterday she kept calling me over and over. When I finally said “What?!” she said “I Love You!” Precious milestones lie ahead!


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