Day 1 Of Our Road Trip Adventure

 Technically this will be about the first night and the following days adventures since we headed out after dinner and a bath the first night.

Loaded in the car and ready to go
As soon as we had loaded up the car the skies opened up and the heavy rain started.  We didn’t want to delay getting on the road too long as we didn’t want to mess with Paige’s bedtime too, too much.  We waited a few minutes then decided to head out anyways since it did not look like the rain was going to let up.  We drove through the rain on and off until about the Hwy 35 exit.  We decided just to head along the 401 for the quickest and most direct route for the first portion of our trip.  
We crossed over into the USA at Ogdensburg, NY.  This is a very small bridge crossing and no large trucks or trailers are permitted on the bridge.  It is a metal grate bridge so with the slow posted driving speed it can be a rather noisy trip over.  We were the only ones on the bridge when we crossed.  The border guard was very friendly and probably got a good chuckle out of us driving over the bridge.  He said it was pretty obvious we had not crossed over at this spot before.  There is a $2 toll fee after you pass through the crossing.
We stayed at the Quality Inn Gran-View on State Hwy 37.  This was the one recommended on Trip Advisor.  It was a clean hotel and there was a continental breakfast offered in the morning.  One of the up sides was that they do allow dogs.  The downside was that they do not have baby cribs, cots or playpens for your little one to sleep in, so we had to share the bed.  Paige was so excited when we woke her at the hotel.  She had to climb all over the bed, us and the pillows when we were trying to sleep.  It ended up being a rather late night before she finally wore herself out.
We were off the next morning fairly early on our way to Lake Placid.  We drove through the outskirts of Saranac Lake on the way, but Dave was very focused on getting to our destination for the night that there was not much stopping along the way.  We stopped in a little town along the way to pick up a few grocers and pick up some lunch.  We ended up stopping on the side of the road in front of a cute little cemetery to have our picnic lunch and allow Paige to stretch her legs a little.  Where possible we did stray a little from the more direct route and took some windy more scenic roads instead as we approached the Lake Placid area.  There were some beautiful mountain views along the way.
We arrived at the campground in the early afternoon.  We stayed at ADK Adirondack Loj.  We had decided to rent a canvas cabin to ease Paige into the whole concept of tent camping.  The check in was nice and quick.  They were however warning lots about bears.  The canvas cabin was not what we expected, but was rather a canvas tent on a platform with 3 sets of  single bunk beds.  Since bunk beds weren’t going to work with a 9 month old, we decided we would set up our tent within the tent (we have a small canoe tripping tent so it fit very easily inside).   There is no privacy between the canvas cabins and you are not permitted to set up another tent on the site.  While the campground was nice enough, next time we would most likely stay somewhere else as this was quite a ways out of the town of Lake Placid.  The great part of staying here is the proximity to a wide range of hiking trails on site.
Lake Placid Ski jumps from a distance

Once the tent was set up we headed to the little shop on site to get some information about the various hikes on site and for recommendations.  The ladies in the store suggested we hike out to Rocky Falls since it was a nice destination.  This was roughly an 8.5km hike from our campsite.  The trail was moderate- rocky trail near the beginning with some ups and downs, but overall there were no real challenges for us.  We only passed 1 person on the trails so it was nice and quiet and we could hear the birds and enjoy the woods.  
Once we reached the falls Dave went in for a swim with the dog while Paige had fun splashing at the waters edge and enjoying the view.
We did find the blackflies to be quite thick on the trail, so I would recommend some bug spray or bug patches while hiking this trail.
Once we returned to camp we headed into the town of Lake Placid to do some wandering and have dinner.  We settled on 3 Bears for dinner.  The service was excellent, great views and the food was good as well.  Lake Placid is a really cute little town with some neat shops as well as your standard stores, lots of places to eat and spectacular views.  We would love to return to this area again to do some more exploring.
Paige was too excited again to sleep this night so we were up fairly late while she checked out every square inch of the tent and climbed on us.  

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