Day 5 – Our Destination for a few days – Bar Harbor, Maine

Again we were up about 6:30, grabbed breakfast (included at the hotel) and headed out.  There was a light rain in the morning.  We continued on Hwy 1 to be able to enjoy the coast and little towns along the way.

Our first stop of the morning was at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.  We walked out part of the way along the breakwater but after reaching about the halfway mark, we decided to turn around as it was harder going since the breakwater you walk out on is large stones piled together.  I was nervous about taking a wrong step and falling with Paige on my back which prevented me from being able to look around and enjoy the view.  We stopped, took a couple photos and turned back where we spent a little bit of time on the sandy beach checking out the sea weed and shells as the tide was partially out when we were there.

Our next stop was Camden, Maine.  This is such a cute town with an interesting attraction.  The waterfalls that run into the harbour do so by running under some of the building on the main street.  It is pretty neat to see.  
We picked up lunch to go and took it with us to Camden State Park where we drove up Mount Battie to enjoy our lunch at the top.  It gives you a great view of Camden and on a clear day you can see Mount desert Island.  The cost was $4.50 per adult and we did not have to pay for Paige.  There is also a lookout tower you can climb to get an even better view.

 As we continued on our drive we drove through Fort Knox, Maine where we saw this interesting bridge which has an observatory at the top.  Maybe next time we do this trip we can stop to check out the observatory.

Next stop Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine.  We set up camp for the next three nights at Blackwoods campground which is down at the south east end of the island.  The camp sites have little to no privacy, are stone and quite a bit of water was running through our site when we got there.  You are not able to reserve a specific site, but rather they are assigned as you arrive.  When we checked in there were still quite a number of empty sites left.  The washrooms were not the cleanest and Dave kept noting to me that there was no soap in the washrooms.  I think we just got too spoiled when we camped at Silver Lake State Park that it made this site look worse than it was.
We wanted to take it easy after getting the tent set up so just headed into Otter Creek (first stop near the campground) to the general store where we picked up a few grocery items and ordered a pizza.  The pizza took over an hour to be made on a grocery store crust so we ended up missing the evening program at Blackwoods campground (the other nights we were there they only offered the late program).  So we just headed back to our site and relaxed and had a fairly early evening.

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2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Our Destination for a few days – Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. How did you find feeding and tending to the baby with so many ups and downs? I could picture mysely getting frustrated with it all. BTW, no excuse for dirty washrooms you have to pay for … SMH.


  2. Actually Paige did really well so she pretty much stuck to her usual schedule for feeding. We stopped at a grocery store a couple times along the way to get some things for her (they have so many convenient healthy organic foods available for little ones) and stuck to lots of yogurt, and foods that I could grate for her and some days I would encourage more nursing to make things easier on all of us. To be honest it wasn't really any different than when we are at home for me. We just rolled with it.


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