Day 6 – Exploring Mount Desert Island

Up with the sunrise to greet the day (approximately 5:00 am).  Since quiet hours at Blackwoods campground are until 8:00 am.  We headed out of the site by 6:00 am, with Peanut Butter sandwiches in hand, so we didn’t disturb too many campers with Paige talking up a storm.  She was really taking to the camping thing by this point.

We headed out for a drive on part of the park loop on our way to Sandy Beach to hike part of the Ocean Path.  It was the hi-lited trail of the week so we figured it must be worth checking out.  It was so nice and quiet on the drive and we were able to enjoy some great views while we watched the sun coming up more.

Sandy Beach has large washroom facilities and change rooms which made us wonder if this beach gets pretty packed on a hot summer’s day.  It was quite cool when we headed out so we were dressed in our sweats and hoods were up.  There is a very nice beach down a set of stairs here which dogs are not allowed on.  It was so peaceful standing at the top watching and listening to the waves crashing into the pink granite cliffs.

The ocean path is a relatively flat gravel path that follows the road for a portion of it.  There are some stairs on trails leading from this path to lookouts along the way.  You could probably do this path with a stroller as long as it was one meant for “off-road”.   We decided to hike as far as Thunder Hole which is  a 2.8 mi hike return.  We were the only ones on the trail going out to Thunder Hole so it was so nice and peaceful.  We reached Thunder Hole shortly after low tide and it was putting on an impressive show.  Paige was a little uncertain of it when we neared the hole, so I mostly stayed up top while Dave and Tessa spent some time right down there watching the waves and the spray.

 After our short hike we ventured into Bar Harbor.  Our first stop was breakfast at the Ivy Inn located on the main strip as you are heading south out of town.  The service was incredible, and the food was amazing.  I had oatmeal with fruit compote and burnt sugar (never thought I would rave about oatmeal, but this was so good, even my husband who only like the instant oatmeal packets thought this was really good) with a bowl of fruit (nice fresh fruits and berries), and Dave enjoyed the local egg breakfast with a side order of praline bacon.  If you enjoy coffee with your morning breakfast then you must stop in here.  They have the best coffee I have ever tasted.  The breakfast was quite reasonable for the 2 of us and Paige enjoyed a little of our breakfast while chatting up a storm with some of the other guests.

After enjoying our breakfast we then thought it would be a good morning to browse the shops and maybe pick up a few items to take back with us.  It was still early so many of the shops were not yet open, but as we made our way towards the harbour more were opening up.  We picked up a couple locally written books for Paige at Sherman’s books that were recommended by the staff there.  Tessa also got a new lobster stuffed chew toy to play with.

Once we were shopped out we drove out to the Oceanarium to check it out, but you have to do the 1.5 hr tour (can’t pick to do only some of the sites) so we weren’t sure Paige could handle that since she hadn’t yet napped.

So it was back into Bar Harbor for some lunch before heading back to the campsite.  We tried Stewman’s which is right on the harbour.  The service was terrible, the food was not very good (I ordered 2 piece fish & chips – one piece of fish was cold and soggy and the other was ok) and much pricier than many of the other restaurants around.  Dave said that his lobster was cooked properly and he enjoyed the lobster.  I would definitely not return here.  The high chair they brought us was coated in dried food and when I asked for a cloth to clean it, the server told me I could just use the paper napkins sitting on our table.

The rain started while we were eating our lunch, so we made a stop at the grocery store and Natural Foods to pick up some groceries before we headed back to camp.
Since it was raining and Paige had finally fallen asleep we dropped the groceries and headed out to Thunder Hole as they had told us the best time to see it was 2 hrs before high tide.  Since it was bucketing down and Paige was napping, Dave parked the car and then headed down on his own to see it.  It was very busy, but Dave said that we had actually seen it put on a better show when we had been there early in the morning.
We then decided to drive down to check out Northeast Harbor.  This is a cute little town and where you can catch the mail boat over the Cranberry Island.  We stopped and enjoyed the view at the harbour until Paige woke up, at which point we stopped at the hardware store to pick up a tarp then back to camp.  
The tarp was to create a floor in our dining tent for Paige to play on while we prepared dinner.  She thought it was great since she could check out our camping bin and get her sillies out.
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