Day 7 – Early Morning Hike up Cadillac Mountain

Early morning trend continued on day 7 with Paige waking up at 4:45am.  Since it was nice and early and the weather forecast for the morning was good it seemed like the perfect day to hike up Cadillac Mountain.  We headed out of the campground around 6:15 once we had woken up enough, brushed our teeth and made some peanut butter sandwiches for the hike.  We hiked the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail leaving from Blackwoods campground.  The trail is fairly flat and moderate from the campground to the main trail head and involves crossing the main island road.  There are some boards you need to walk across in the swampy areas as well.  

Once you hit the main trail head the climb begins.  The South Ridge Trail is the easiest of the trails leading up Cadillac Mountain but the trail could be challenging at times, especially with a little one on my back.  It is recommended to hike up the mountain to be at the top for either sunrise or sunset.  After hiking this trail in the light, I would definitely not want to hike this in the dark.  They working on the trail in a number of spots when we were hiking up to help preserve and protect the surrounding landscape.  There are some fantastic views along the way.  At the right time of year there are also a great deal of blueberries lining the trail so you could have a nice snack.  Paige napped in the carrier for a large portion of the upwards climb.  

Once we reached the summit we enjoyed a bit of a snack and a break before hiking back down.  Many people will hike one way and take the Island shuttle back down.  Nearing the final stretch is where you can meet the biggest challenge.  It is rocky and a bit of climbing is involved.  You reach this portion after hiking down a bit where there is a pond.  The views are definitely something else once you are up at the summit.
As we started the decent back down Tessa had a run in with a porcupine.  She would not let us remove the quills while on the trail so she had to hike back to the campground with them in her mouth and nose.  We were back at the campground by 11:00 am, so Dave headed into Bar Harbor to take Tessa to the vets while Paige and I made and had some lunch and relaxed a little.  The vet told Dave that they have dogs in there at least a couple times a week who have had a run in with the porcupine on Cadillac Mountain.
After lunch we headed out of the park to grab a shower and get cleaned up.  There is a private operation offering paid showers just outside of the campground located on the main road.  It is $2 for 4 minutes since there are no showers within the campground.
Once cleaned up we headed back into Bar Harbor to pick up a few items, check emails and then pick up Tessa from the vets.  Since Tessa was in no state to walk (she had to be put under to have the quills removed), we took a drive down to Bass Harbor to see the lighthouse.
The drive was nice and it was a great way to spend part of the rainy afternoon.  Once we reached the lighthouse the sun decided to come back out.  
After a little drive around Bass Harbor we continued on to Southwest Harbor to grab some dinner before heading back to camp.  We decided to order take-out from a little place on the main street.  Once I had ordered dinner I headed next door to check out Hatched On MDI.  This is a gorgeous children’s shop carrying clothing, toys, etc that are not your run of the mill.  She carries lots of the brands that I like for Paige which are more unique and the woman who owns the store was a great help in choosing some outfits to take home with us.  Once my shopping was done dinner was ready and we were back on the road.  
We decided we would take our dinner to a freshwater beach we had passed on the way down.  Paige was enjoying watching a family play frisbee on the grass while we ate.  Then we let Paige wade in the water and play in the sand.

 We had trouble getting Paige out of the water to head back to camp.  Once back at camp it was time for Paige to head to bed and then we got ourselves organized and partially packed for the trip the following day.

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11 thoughts on “Day 7 – Early Morning Hike up Cadillac Mountain

  1. What an adventure! 4-minute showers and a porc-a-picked dog! Poor thing! Looks like paige had a blast, though. L'il Chica on our end has to settle for the wading pool in the back yard; and even then she raises a fuss to get out of the water. looking forward to the next post.


  2. Oh first let me tell you that your daughter is gorgeous! Second you are making me so jealous with these pictures. We have a lot in common, you and I with our lifestyle but I don't get to hike up Cadillac Mountain or, indeed, see anything green at all! 😉


  3. I love all your photos! Especially the ones with your daughter in the water, so cute. I'm sorry for your poor dog, I guess one of the war wounds of enjoying the great outdoors. Sounds live a really fun adventure, thanks for sharing.


  4. Boy, do I miss the mountains! Those pictures are stunning, and it looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves (minus the dog being quilled!).


  5. I don't think I could survive not seeing anything green. I need my green fix regularly, that is why we chose to move out of the city into the country. This way I don't need an escape at least monthly. My daughter also seems to need her green fix! She loves to go out hiking around us.


  6. Your daughter is going to love looking back on these adventures! Can you picture it yet, Paige in her size 8 hiking boots, climbing the less steep portions of the climb by your side? Or at 12, running ahead — scaring you half to death while you inwardly crave the same free spirit? Enjoy every precious memory you make with her!


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