12 Months

Today Paige turns One.  It has been a fantastic year of learning, making wonderful new, adventures galore and lots of laughs.  So many things have changed for both of us over the year.  I have  really started to feel established where we live now that I have made some great friends with similar interests all thanks to Paige.  We have covered loads of km’s on hiking trails around the Durham/GTA region as well as through New England and Maine.  My goal for this coming year is to track our mileage covered for Paige to read later.

Who knew that a little one could change ones life so much (for the better) and could open so many doors as well.

We have enjoyed music lessons, swimming, hiking, zoo visits, camping, finger painting, stroller walks, and get togethers with other new moms.  We have learned about new places to check out near us.  I have also found that being able to share the activities I love with Paige can be a really neat experience since I can see things in a new light and from a new perspective.

With Paige I will definitely continue to learn loads and I suspect I will be tested in the years to come by her determination and stubbornness!

Many people warned me that the first year with a little one would be way more work than I could ever imagine, it would be very trying, exhausting and one of the hardest years.  I found it to be the complete opposite.  It was one of my best years, one of my least stressful years, and one of my most fun years.  I found it to be easier than I was expecting and I embraced it full heartedly.

Paige had her cousins and friends over for a painting party this past Saturday to celebrate.  It was a good excuse to get the little ones together now that we are all back to work, allow us moms to catch up and have a great day watching the littles ones enjoy themselves fully.

Favourite Things To Do
Read stories to her dolls, herself or with us
Walk around the kitchen and dining room with her walker or one of the stools
Skyping with family
Going for hikes
Bath time
Playing with her babies
Playing in the yard and picking vegetables from the garden
Helping Daddy with our renovation projects
Helping in the kitchen
Sitting at the kitchen island on one of the stools
Playing on her plasma car
Playing hide & seek
Playing her little piano
Climbing up the stairs
Craft time
Playing with her friends

Standing on her own
Taking a couple steps out in the yard on her own
New words: – pretty, dress, silly, baby, puppy, doggie, why, Tessa
Trying to dress herself – helping put on her shirts and dresses, trying to put her socks on
Climbing on things
Walking with her walker
Able to propel the plasma car using the steering wheel
Making animals sounds while reading Mr Brown Can Moo to herself
trying to chain up Tessa outside
opening her bedroom cupboards and taking her toys out, and putting them back
Blowing kisses
Giving hugs
Using the little rocking chair in her room on her own
Picking vegetables from the garden
opening the baby gates

Favourite Foods
Wild Blueberries
Greek Yogurt (20% fat)
Cottage Cheese
Pasta- with pretty much any sauce
Sweet Potato with cinnamon
Bannas in the peel
Cheese bunnies
Tacos at daycare
Green beans from the garden
Fresh Bread
Paige still continues to try new foods

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