13 Months

The last month just flew by and I am not really sure where it went.  We have been busy around here with me back at work and Paige in daycare full-time it has definitely taken some getting used to.  We have also had 2 ear infections over the past month and an allergic reaction to her MMR vaccine.  So looking at that I guess it is kind of easy to see where the time has gone.

Favourite Things to Do
Read stories to her babies, herself and to us
Walk when no one is watching
Going for hikes
Playing with her babies
Playing on her drum
Picking vegetables from the garden
Helping in the kitchen
Dusting/cleaning any time she can get her hands on a cloth or rag
Playing on her plasma car
Playing her little piano
Craft time/Drawing on the chalkboard
Playing with friends
Walking on her own when she thinks no one is watching
Dancing and keeping her balance without holding on
New words – Banana, Daddy, Hey, No, Yeah, Gee, Uh Oh, Now
Helping to undress herself
Put her shoe on her right foot
Climbing everything
Using her signs with more frequency
Signing when she is hungry
Choosing her own outfits to wear (can definitely lead to some interesting ones!)
Able to show us 1 with her finger when asked
Following simple requests
Cleaning up her toys
Favourite Foods
Wild Blueberries
Homemade Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Raspberries from the garden
Greek yogurt (20% fat)
Fish – Salmon, Fish Tacos with Cod
Grated Pear
Soup when she can feed herself with a spoon
Sweet potato with cinnamon
Will still try anything put in front of her

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